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2/ shit bangtan says: kim namjoon 1.0 [1/2/3]

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Dancing is a cool thing as well, but for me, not as cool as rap.

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The fact that when kyung was in New Zealand, he won a rap battle by naming fruits in Korean because no one could understand him just gets to me

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"I don’t like hamsters! I don’t like hamsters!

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Somethings never change 

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pyo's kiss marks ( ˘ ³˘)♥


pyo's kiss marks ( ˘ ³˘)

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Block B’s Soompi interview they did for the DC showcase:


For your viewing pleasure, there is some cute thigh wiggling in the beginning, but things really heat up between Zico and P.O around 5:25. And velvet pants are not leather, but are still nice. 


i wanna rub my face against that buffet of velvet.

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Why Zico Loves Hello Kitty So Much.

  • MC: What made Zico love Hello Kitty so much?
  • Zico: In order to minimize my strong image, I bought a Hello Kitty case. But I loved it so much that I bought Hello Kitty bed sheets and pillow covers, and why are you looking at me like that?


[CLIP] Zico’s Extra Verse in “I’m Still Fly”- 2014 Blockbuster Concert

끊이지 않던 사건사고 속 
난 방패막이 없이 맨몸으로 버텼어 
화려한 수상 경력 That’s nothing 
바로 당신들이 내가 3년간 받은 메달과 트로피 
어깨가 무거워도 
이 짐 절대 못 놔 
사람은 저마다 자신의 십자가를 진다 
내 심박이 뛰는 한 휴식은 항상 금기사항 
PS. 혜원아 이 노래가 들리기를 빈다

Inside this unending accident
Without a shield, I endured with my bare body
A fancy award-winning career, That’s nothing
You all are my medals and trophies that I’ve gained in these 3 years
Though my shoulders are heavy
I can never let go of this burden
Each person has their own cross to bear
My one rest that makes my heart race is always taboo
PS. Hyewon, I pray that you will hear this song

Source:李宇晴 (reuploaded in case the fancam gets taken down)

Hyewon is the name of the BBC that died in the Sewol Ferry Tragedy.